From Jennys Garden

Crestwood, Kentucky
United States

Hi there! Thank you for taking a few minutes to browse through my shop! After many careers and raising a family, I have retired from the corporate world and am focusing on bringing joy and beauty to those around me.

I am not a natural artist. My brain tends towards analysis, which made my mind valuable as we moved from AS400’s in the ‘90’s to the mobile technology of today, turning apps into Windows and then apps again. Over the years, as I searched for my own inner peace and fought with alcohol’s demons, I started finding the artist I so longed to be. Sobriety has helped me find fragments of myself I never dreamed possible. 

Coloring and painting soothed those restless spirits in my mind and you will see that I am prolithic. I make a lot of stuff, from fully developed art pieces, to embellishements, background papers and paper clay elements for others to use and create with. 

Let me know if you see something you like, but need a different variation. I strive to make the buying experience fun and collaborative. You can find my work in many places, Instagram -@jeboylston, Facebook - From Jenny’s Garden, Pinterest - jeboylston….come by and let’s meet virtually!

Jenny Boylston, Artist

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